Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Beautiful Mundane Moments of the Ordinary

It's in the beautiful mundane moments of the ordinary, where God's grace and His provisions go unnoticed.
It's in these beautiful mundane moments of the ordinary that we tend to fall asleep and wish for greater moments. Oftentimes, missing God's grace wrapped up in the ordinary. We look to tomorrow thinking tomorrow will hold something greater than today.
The next stage of life, the next vacation, our little ones getting a little older. Our flesh yearns for something bigger, greater and more exciting. In our desires to make a bigger impact on the world we often miss the daily impact we make on those closest to us, our family, friends, community.
These ordinary moments are God's tender mercies. His preparation for what's to come. May I stay fully awake and my eyes open in these beautiful mundane moments of the ordinary. These moments which are wrapped in God's grace.  God works something beautiful in the mundane. He prepares our hands to serve, our heart to love, and our mind to recall His promises.
Time is fleeting, it fades in the recesses of our mind. We try to hold on to the memories of yesterday and yet they dissolve into moments. Fleeting moments of yesterday. Our kids will never again be as young as they were a moment ago. Oh Lord, how much time has passed by wishing for tomorrow to come.  Thank you for waking me up to the beautiful mundane moments of the ordinary.

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