Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Turtle

The Turtle-1

Hannah is my middle child and she is affectionately known as Turtle. She is never in a hurry, in fact, if she thinks you are trying to rush her she will deliberately take her time. Where as Hannah is affectionately known as Turtle, mommy is not so affectionately known as the Cheetah rushing around hissing at everyone in her path.
Hannah enjoys the little things in life. She is a sponge and loves to learn about new things. She absorbs her surroundings and loves to share all she is learning with her family. One day at the pool, Hannah, saw an ant in my bag. She said, "Look mommy, there is an ant in your bag". She gently reached down and rescued the ant from mommy who was about to squash it. She then proclaimed, "Did you know that an ant is an exoskeleton which means that it's skeleton is on the outside of his body." Ok, moment here, I just had to look up the official word for what you call a skeleton on the outside of the body. I didn't want to blog about it and call the pure creature by the wrong name. I asked, "Hannah how on earth did you know that?" She responded, "Mrs. Curtis told me". Turns out her four year old preschool teacher taught them about exoskeletons in preschool. I'm so thankful for the Mrs. Curtis' of the world. Hannah loves animals so much, including insects, she remembered all about the ant and its purpose in life. My precious turtle loves to take the world in and share it with those around her. She loves to see the good in life and finds purpose and meaning in everything.
Lord, in my moments of rushing around may I take the time to enjoy the idiosyncrasies of each of my three beautiful children and cultivate the good in each of them. May I slow down and enjoy the little things in life and find purpose in the insignificant.

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