Friday, May 14, 2010

The Sword of the Spirit

Most of us don't like our flesh to be prodded by the sword of the Spirit and our eyes to be opened to the sin that resides below the surface. It has been in my times of discontentment and restlessness that God has prodded me with His holy Word and has allowed my eyes to be opened to the sin that resides in my heart, the sin of self reliance and indifference. Sin exposed for the sole purpose of repentance and redemption. What do we do when God gently prods us? If you are like me, we walk around feeling guilty and ashamed. We rationalize away the consequences of the hidden sin, which by the way, is never really hidden. We do all this instead of doing the one thing we should do which is rejoice and repent. Rejoicing in the truth that He doesn't leave us as we are but calls us out to be set apart for His glory. When God prods us, it is a gentle nodging in the right direction, which requires movement on our part away from the things in this world. Things which may bring temporary comfort but viewed from a different perspective would be deemed a distraction.
I have been thinking about my eternal home a lot lately. My desire to make a difference for His glory. The idea that our life, this side of eternity, is described by God as a vapor and a mist in comparison to our time spent in eternity. Without Jesus leading my life and the direction of my steps my goodness and good works are in vain and wretched holding no real eternal significance. May He always prod me to keep me on the path He has prepared for me. May He guard my heart against apathy and self reliance until He comes to take me home.
Is your flesh being prodded by the sword of the Spirit and if so how are you going to respond?


Sojourner said...

I love and hate it when God gives me a nudge (or kick as it seems to be lately). But I'm greatful for them. Thank you for your beautiful words.

Jocelyne Beatrice Morency Sade said...

Enjoyed this post very much. Truth sets us free, even though pain is involved.

Trouble is with me there's so much wrong, I have to determine which wrong He wants to address. Some I can't change... listen to me complicate things.

Maybe I need to be still and listen as I take in the Word to determine which area He wants to address.