Friday, March 5, 2010

A Letter

My mom wrote this letter to me September 2002 before the birth of my first daughter, Hollen. She recently found it on her computer and sent it to me as a reminder. This letter is so special to me as I have contemplated many things over the past couple of months.

As you are about to become parents, I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts and feelings about parenthood with you.

Your feelings for your children are something that are hard to describe. Elizabeth, you and Andrew, are the most important things on this earth to me and to your daddy. You will feel this about Hollen. Anything that happens to her, you will feel that it is happening to you, too. Sometimes, you will even feel more deeply about something than she does. You will protect and love her. You will want to give her everything she wants and needs and make things easy for her. You will never want her to feel pain or be hurt. In spite of all of these feelings, children will experience some ups and downs; they will confront some obstacles along the way. All children have strengths and weaknesses. You will have to let Hollen discover hers and make the most of what she has to offer as a person.

I know both you and Andrew are still “growing” and finding out new things about yourselves. Life is an experience that is ever-changing. While both you and Andrew had gifts of being outgoing, athletic, and social, you both were also compassionate, open, and loving people. I noticed the compassion in you when you were a toddler. You were watching a Christmas special on television and I found you crying. Why? Because the other reindeers were being mean to Rudolph!

There were many other things you would have liked to have experienced, but it is never too late to experience them. Look at me, a grandmother, trying to get her college education. Don’t hold Hollen back, let her experience everything, and not be afraid of anything! I have a feeling she will be fearless if she is anything like her mother (well about tangible things anything, it is the unknown that scares you the most!).

Love her, cherish her, and comfort her, and let her know that she has a wealth of love surrounding her. We love you all!


Mom & Dad

P.S. Other tips that come to mind….If she cries for a lengthy period of time (when you were little, it was a good thing to let babies cry some), you might want to check, she might be hanging upside down outside the bed rails. …never assume she is potty trained when she is standing in the grocery cart (but I don’t think babies are allowed to stand in grocery carts anymore)…..Don’t leave hot liquids on the table when you are in the shower, she might get thirsty and decide to have a sip….Be positive and unafraid.

This is a blog of remembrance. I have found that the most intimate times with the Lord are the times when we feel we can not go one more day in our own strength. Only when we are awakened to our depravity can we experience the all consuming love from the one who loves us wholly and completely. I want my girls to know all that He has done for us. This is a collection of stories documenting our story. My call to remember....

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amy said...

What a treasure this letter is! Words of wisdom to cherish for years...I especially liked her P.S. about letting babies cry sometimes. This made me chuckle as I am telling the same to my little sister (who has 3 beautiful girls) sometimes when the youngest one thinks she has to be held 24/7's ok if she cries a little... she can walk on her own ;-)