Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This weekend our youngest little girl got attacked by our 5 month old puppy.
Gracyn was running towards the swing set when Logan ran up to her and knocked her down with her front paws. When she fell down Logan got on top of her, pinned her down and started biting her all over the face, head and ear. Hollen ran to help Gracyn but wasn't strong enough to pull the dog off. She ran to alert her daddy of the attack all the while crying out on behalf of her little sister. It was her brave act that brought help to Gracyn as Gracyn could not cry out on her own behalf.
When my husband heard the screams he came running down the stairs screaming at the dog to get off. To no avail, Logan looked at him with blood all over her mouth and then back down at Gracyn and continued to attack. When my husband finally got to Gracyn he pulled Logan off of her but again Logan lunged to try to get back to the attack. He finally had to kicked her so that he had enough time to grab Gracyn and get her out of harms way.
He was distraught over the condition of his little girl. He held her close and whispered tenderly in her ear, "Everything is going to be ok. Logan will never hurt you again". All he heard from Gracyn was little whimpers. He rushed her to the ER.

This scene has played over and over again in my mind this week. I awake to the scene in the morning and at night it is this very scene I fall asleep to. I find myself asking the questions, "How could our puppy do such an evil thing?" And the question, "How and why would she go after the weakest member in our family to attack and cause harm?" She was our dog. Gracyn loved her and was so gentle to her and Logan turned on her and became a vicious animal. It is by pondering these questions that I have come to see this event as somewhat symbolic.
This tragic event has taught me three things. First, the enemy's desire to attack us in our weakness and his desire to attack the weakest member of our family with the intent to cause harm.
Secondly, it symbolizes the importance for believers to "cry out" on behalf of fellow believers suffering spiritual attack.
Thirdly, it has given me a clear picture of our Father's love toward His children.

What causes me the most torment is the fact that Gracyn was the only member in our family that Logan could dominate. She was the only one not strong enough to fight her off and she is the one that Logan went after. Logan went after her because of her weakness. She was targeted because she didn't have the physical strength to fight off the attack. What a lesson for us as parents as we should be crying out on behalf of our children and the younger generations. Our children and new believers are the most susceptible to the enemy's attack.
We also must be aware of our own weakness, we need to be praying for an awareness of the ways in which the enemy might be trying to knock us down. Some of us might need to ask some pretty important questions, "What lies am I believing?", "What sin am I holding onto?", "What are some of the things that I have allowed to infiltrate my thinking?", "What am I watching?", "Who am I listening to"? These questions will help us identify in what ways we might be vulnerable to the enemy's deception.
Secondly, when Hollen didn't have the strength to fight off the attack she cried out on behalf of her sister who had no power to cry out on her own behalf due to the viciousness of the attack. How often do we try and rescue fellow believers suffering from attack when we ourselves do not have the strength nor the power to intervene. It is at these moments that we must "cry out" on behalf of our siblings in Christ. We must run toward the throne room of prayer and scream for help, alerting our Father of the direness of the situation. If Hollen, didn't cry out and instead continued to try and intervene in her own strength, she probably would have also been attacked. It would have also taken longer for my husband to intervene. Those moments would have done incredible damage to Gracyn's eye.
Thirdly, it symbolizes our Father's love for us and His power to intervene and rescue. When my husband heard Hollen screaming for help, He RAN! He took immediate action. He didn't only run but he ran with the intention of rescue. He had the strength and the power to protect and deliver. He not only rescued her but he comforted her and spoke tenderly to her. He was distraught over the condition of His child. He didn't let her go and went to great lengths to protect her. It is the picture of our Father and His desire to intervene in our personal attacks when we cry out for His help. He desires for us to see Him in this intimate way. I can only pray that this will be my view of Him from now on.
Gracyn is doing great and is on the mend. We are so thankful for the many prayers lifted up on her behalf. It could have been so much worse. We are thankful that the attack didn't last one moment longer than what the Lord had ordained. We are thankful that the attack didn't happen a month from now when Logan would have been bigger. We are thankful for the Lord's miraculous healing that has taken place. We are thankful for our wonderful community of believers who have come to our help and offered their love and support. We love you all very much!

Picture above of Gracyn was taken Saturday morning before the attack.

Please excuse all the grammatical errors. I sped through this post and will not have time to re-read it.