Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sudden Fear?

More insight on the Greek word, tarasso as it relates to John 14:1. Let's take one more look at John 14:1, Do not let your hearts be troubled (tarasso). Trust in God, trust also in Me. 

I want to give you a little context into this verse. Jesus is speaking to His disciples about not fearing their eternal destination. He is telling them that He will come back for them and take them to be with Him where He is. He is telling them not to fear the unseen. Not to fear death. They are to trust in His promises and to remember His lineage.  

Again, tarasso, is the Greek word for trouble, which means to agitate, to cause one inward commotion; to take away one’s calmness of mind. It goes on to use words like to disquiet, to strike with fear and dread; to suggest scruples and doubts.

What we learn from this verse is that Fear is a heart issue. You and I both know that it is much easier for us to change our behavior than it is for us to change our heart. Heart issues are something we cannot combat on our own. We must have the help of the Holy Spirit. And yet when we look at the word for trouble in the Greek, the word Tarasso, it implies that Jesus is also referring to the mind.  Notice, Jesus tells us not to let our hearts be troubled. He didn’t say do not let your minds be troubled. He said our hearts not our minds. Jesus didn't make the mistake of using the Greek word tarasso when speaking to his disciples. So why did He use a word that seems to appeal to the mind? I believe He did this because Jesus knows that to deal with the mind we must look at the heart. He knows that our heart is the wellspring of life.

Are you experiencing sudden fear today? Are you experiencing doubts and confusion. Are you agitated? Is there something that is causing you to become disquiet? 

Are you listening to the lies of the world and not the truth of God's word? Ask God to reveal to you what He desires to change within your heart. Ask Him to shine His light of truth into the dark recesses of your heart. His Truth has the power to set you free. Fear is an indication of a deeper heart issue a heart issue that God desires to deal with and set you free from. 

Trust in Him and do not allow your heart to be troubled. It is an act of the will to stand firm on the promises of God even when you are facing the strong winds of oppression. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33

The picture above was taken in the Nanahala National Forest

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