Thursday, June 4, 2009

Temper Tantrums and Kisses

He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young. Isaiah 40:11

The only words spoken these past few days have been, "don't touch that", "put that back", "put that down", "stop running", "don't talk to me that way", "don't talk to your sister that way", "don't bite", "don't hit", "stop trying on mommy's clothes", "where's my earrings?","please don't play in mommy's make up!" "Stop irritating your sister." "you need to be concerned with you", "Gracyn, stop screaming!" "Hollen and Hannah, don't poke the lion!" Yes, that is the phrase we have coined for Gracyn our youngest little girl. Also, the biting, hitting and screaming comments apply to her. As I am typing on my laptop, Gray is laying across my lap with her feet up in the air asking for a snack!

Lord, I need your grace today. I need you to lead me gently. I need your strength to get me through this day!

Can you identify? Moments when you feel like you can' t take another step in your own strength.

Moments where you are reminded of your dependancy on the Great Shepard of the flock. Isaiah 40:11, reminds me that He is the Great Shepard of the sheep and that He will lead me gently though this meadow of raising little girls.

In these moments of temper tantrums and kisses He is faithful to carry the burden if I would only take the time to give it to Him.

Notice the wording in this verse. He TENDS His flock like a shepard. He tends to the needs of His people. He supplies all our needs.  Not just in the big things and big moments of life but in the every day moments of raising kids and cleaning house. When we are too worn out, God tells us through the prophet Isaiah, that He carries us close to his heart; that He gently leads those who have young.

The Hebrew word for leads is the word, NAHAL, which means, to lead, to give rest, lead with care, to lead to a watering place or station to cause to rest there. Strongs Exhausted Concordance

Wherever the next bend in the meadow leads, if you are in a season of raising kids or entering a stage of life with no kids, I want to encourage you to surrender to the One who gently leads you through the meadows of life. The Shepard who is faithful to supply all your needs and lead you in the direction He desires for you to go. All that He requires of you is obedience and trust. Trust in Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith. Trust in the One who has measured the the waters in the hollow of his mighty hand.

picture: taken by Rob while we were at Lake Louise in Canada.


busymommyof4 said...

Liz..... I can completely identify with your blog!!! Such a good reminder and encouragement for another fellow mamma!!!!! It does seem to get tedious some times...... put in the planting comes a great harvest!!! Have a blessed day!!!!

Sarah Lanier said...

Lake Louise is where Hal & I honeymooned....its lovely isn't it!