Friday, June 5, 2009

Casting Call For A Play Called Eternity

Life: a series of twists and turns, pinnacles and pitfalls
Life: Illusions vs. Reality
Life: playing a part in a play called Eternity. What is my role? Where do I fit in? Will the Master Conductor of all things, use me to make any real eternal difference? Will the Writer of all things, use my life, which is just a fleeting vapor, a fading flower, to impact His eternal Kingdom?
Reader, Let me ask you some important questions. What is real, What is an illusion? Where does your significance come from?
Has the Lord placed something within your heart that He desires to cultivate?
Do you have a vision or a dream that you believe has come from the Lord. The Lord who has marked off the heavens by the span, and who leads forth the starry host by number and calls them by name, is in complete control of all things.
He works all things in according to His perfect will. If we understand, the power within us is much greater then the power in this world, then we understand there is nothing we can't accomplish to the Glory of God.
But do we get it?
Are we distracted by the things of the world? Do we get all caught up in fleeting things and making a name for ourselves this side of eternity?
Are we living in the illusion that this life is all there is?
Are we living in the illusions of happiness and self-gratification?
Are we distracted by our culture and pursuing beauty, conforming to the likeness of man, imitating the people who are not worth imitating? We are created to imitate God. Therefore, if we do not imitate Him, we will imitate something or someone else.
Are we going to leave anything of significance behind for the next generation?
We are all eternal beings. Rather we have accepted Christ or have rejected Him we will spend eternity somewhere. Can I just encourage you to spend some time pondering your eternal destination and your eternal purpose.
Dear one, we are on! It's time for us to take the eternal stage! It is our time to stand up for Jesus and make a real difference for His eternal kingdom. Are you ready for an adventure. Are you ready to make a real difference for the One who created you for such a time as this!

Casting Call For A Play Called Eternity!

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