Monday, June 22, 2009


This is a fresh read for me today as I ponder all the sickness in the world. This is a re-post of an entry I wrote last winter. I wrote it while Hannah, my middle child, was sick for the fourth time with a high fever. I have re-titled this post, Absorption, due to my overwhelming desire to take her sickness upon myself.
This entry is also a fresh reminder of all Christ has done for us and His desire to absorb our sin and depravity.
Whenever one of my girls is sick, I am consumed with wanting to do whatever I can to make them feel better. Last winter, Hannah, was sick with a 104 fever. I was laying beside her on the couch stroking her head and feeling the heat radiating from her tiny body. All I could think about was wanting to absorb the heat so she wouldn't have to endure the pain. I didn't only want to cover her and care for her, I wanted to take her sickness upon myself. I wanted to heal her from her pain and sickness.
Knowing, I could not absorb it, I did my best to comfort her and reassure her of my love. I wanted her to know, she could trust me to take care of her and in the midst of her pain, I would not leave her. Even though, I was doing all I could do, it simply wasn't enough, for I wanted to heal her, to absorb the pain and take it upon myself.
I wonder if God felt the same way about the Israelites before Jesus came to take it all?
Seeing their sin and depravity He offered a way to cover their sin by sacrifices, burnt offerings and sin offerings. This is referred to as the "old order" or covenant. These sacrifices and offerings were never enough to completely take away sin but it was just enough to temporarily cover their sin.
Here is what occurred to me, I love Hannah so much that my heart's desire in the midst of her sickness was to absorb her pain not just to mask it or cover it.
You see, I was masking the pain with Tylenol and Motrin but as soon as the pain medication would wear off the fever would come back with a vengeance. The giving of Tylenol was the reminder that Hannah was sick.
As she was laying next to me, I wanted to absorb her sickness so I could endure it on her behalf. I wanted to take on her sickness so she wouldn't have to endure it. Although, I held her and comforted her it was not enough to take away her sickness and relieve the consequence of her being sick.
God referred to himself over and over again in Isaiah as Immanuel, God with us. He provided a way for us to be made perfect through the suffering of His one and only son, Yeshua (Jesus).
The name Jesus means, the One who saves. You see, it was out of His great love for us, He came down to dwell among us to reveal to us the truth and to ultimately die for our sins. His desire was to absorb our sin once and for all, so that we could be made perfect though His suffering.
Unlike me, He has the power to absorb our pain and heal the sickness of sin.
He endured a brutal death where every sin I have ever committed or will commit was placed upon him. He took on the punishment and absorbed the consequence of my sin.
He did it because I could not. He not only covers us in our time of need but He ultimately heals us by His death and resurrection on the cross.
He loves me so much that he wasn't satisfied to just cover my sin he wanted to take it upon himself.

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