Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Are You Running?

I hope to continue Culture Watch later on this week but until then I wanted to re-post this entry which was posted January 21, 2009. It's a prayer for our country to return to the Lord and his precepts. This journal entry was written, August 2006 while study the Old Testament book of Joel. This prayer was inspired by the books in the Bible, Joel, Isaiah, Jeremiah and John. It was written out of a personal conviction and distress over the spiritual condition of this country.

Return, Return, Even now Return! 

Return to Me and I will Return to you. Even now! Do not be afraid! Do not run!
Why are you running? Why are you trembling? 

Do you not know? Have you not heard? I am the LORD and there is no other. 

Yes, I am mighty, powerful and holy but I love you. I sent my son to die for you. While you were dead in your sin. While you were fiercely set against me my Son died for you. 

It's not too late to turn back. Turn back now! 

I know all you have done or will do and I still love you! I have more to offer you than the world. I want to shower you with my love and favor. I will never leave you for another love.

Please don't leave me for another. I long to shower you with my love and blessing. 

I accept you for who you are but you don't accept me.

Why? Why are you not returning? 

Don't you know that the pleasures of this world, the very pleasures you are seeking, will bring destruction? Don't you know that the freedoms the world promises always brings bondage?

Only can give you the freedom that you desire. 

Slow down! Stop running! Sit with me. Give me a chance to win your heart. I am big enough to handle your doubts. I am strong enough to care for you. Open your heart to me. Pour out your pain.

For you, I sent my Son to the cross to pay for your sin once and for all, yet you refuse to accept the sacrifice. I led my only Son like a lamb to the slaughter. He went willingly not opening his mouth and yet you still question my love for you. 

What will it take to get your attention?  Return, Return, Even now Return.......

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