Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fear Not: Part 3

After we cry out to God we need to allow him to reveal areas within us that he desires to change. You see everyone in here struggles with one form of fear or another. For instance, one of my biggest fears is pain. I tend to think of it as being a worry wart. I’m constantly worried something is going to happen to Rob, one of my girls or a loved one. I don’t know if I can endure that kind of pain and loss. I’m afraid the sorrow would be enough to kill me. I wouldn’t want to do life without them and in return could I stand firm in my faith and endure the suffering and pain of losing them.

I’m also afraid of physical pain. I don’t like needles. I’m afraid of death not because I’m unsure of my salvation but because I’m afraid it’s going to hurt. I’m also afraid of causing someone else pain. I am a people pleaser. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I am constantly weighing my words because I don’t want someone to feel pain from my words or actions. The reason I tell you all of this is because I want you to see that all these fears stem from the one fear of pain. My behaviors stem from my fear of pain. I will do anything to avoid feeling pain.

Before I get into the different types of fear I want to state that we all have unique God given personalities and gifts. My three girls have unique personalities. Each one of their personalities is special to their mama. I love their uniqueness but with each personality there is a weakness. I also want to state that Satan knows our weakness! Fear distorts the natural personality traits that God has given you! The traits I’m about to talk about are not bad in and of themselves but fear can distort these traits and cause them to become our idols and strongholds!

We all have fears. Some of us have a fear of failure but we tend to think of ourselves as being work-a-holics or perfectionists or maybe we call ourselves overly conservative. We avoid trying new things because we are fearful we will fail at them. We develop behaviors to keep us from feeling failure.

Some of us have a fear of rejection but we would tend to think of ourselves as Independent or maybe we tend to think of ourselves as trendsetters. We mask our fear of rejection by buying the latest fashions and keeping up appearances. We want and desire nice things so that people will admire us and accept us. We develop behaviors that protects us from feeling rejected.

As I mentioned earlier, God has given each of us unique personalities. He has given most women the desire to be beautiful. He has given us desires to be beautiful for our husbands. But our appearance becomes our idol when our focus and self worth are entirely placed on how we look. It is then that fear distorts what God created for good and turns our appearance into our idol or stronghold.

Some of us have a fear of being alone, this one is a big one for women. What we fear is the feeling of loneliness but we tend to refer to ourselves as people pleasers, extroverts and socialites. Those who fear being alone can also have a tendency to be very controlling. They hold on tightly to those they love in fear of losing them. They develop behaviors that keep them from feeling alone or lonely. This one in particular is a tough one for me.

I went to a Christian counselor for some counseling and she had me take a personality test. The results from these tests proved I was a compulsive sanguine which means I have a compulsive desire to be around others. Now, the Lord created me an extrovert. In and of this fact is not the bad thing but when my focus is more on spending time with others than spending time with God. My relationships become my idols. I put my self-worth on how much time I spend with my friends or how many activities I can cram into my week.

The point I’m trying to make is this, we all struggle with fear. As I mentioned earlier fear is a heart issue but often times our behavior can help us to identify our fears. Asking questions like why do I do what I do? Or what is the motivation behind my behavior? These insights will help us to identify our fears.

Next week we will focus on Strongholds and Identity. I hope this is insightful and encouraging. God wants us to be free. Who Christ sets free is free indeed. My desire is for you to be free. I desire to be free. I am praying for all of you reading this blog. If you have specific prayer requests you can email me at It is my joy to pray for you!

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The Kelleys said...

liz, love this Fear series. God is speaking to me through you about Tarasso. thanks so much for sharing. it means so much! love you, sellie